Bioinspired Chemical Engineering Lab


Here are some fotos from our group events

On 2020-03-20 Andreas defended his PhD Thesis

Lena's Dissertation (PhD thesis) Defence  2020-02-27

our team at WCMTM (Wallenberg Centre of Molecular and Translational Medicine) Kick-off September 19-20 2019

our team in december 2019, after Wakayama (Göteborg) while Ivana (RG Prof. W. Ensinger) and Oliver (Fisher Analytics) were visiting us

Research Team 2018


Andreas doing research

Lena was Awarded 1St Talk Award at Doktorandentag at TU

Kikeriki Theater...long time ago...with visiting PhD Student from AK Imhof Lab

FB Chemie, TU Darmstadt MS Labor und unsere MS-Experte Frau Rudolph

Weihnachtsfeier 2018

2019/05/30 Moving from TU Darmstadt to University of Gothenburg...