Chemical synthesis of bioactive peptides &  membrane-associated proteins: from drug discovery to bioinspired materials

Whom are we looking for

Are you interested in participating in an enthusiastic research team at the interface of chemistry and biochemistry?

  • We are currently recruiting post-docs:

Postdoc in chemical synthesis of bioactive peptides and membrane-associated proteins (within 3 years after PhD)

Postdoc in chemical synthesis of switchable peptide-based nanopores (within 3 years after PhD)

Researcher in structure and function of peptide-based toxins (>3 years after PhD)

  • We are always looking for highly motivated students at all educational levels (Master-, PhD thesis, postdoctoral fellows).
  • We offer positions for students of both study programs in chemistry and life science.

For inquiries about available positions please contact Alesia Tietze through our contact formular.